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Adoption Leave search for term

The government guarantees people time off work with pay to care for a newly adopted child. This is similar to the amount of time off work a woman is entitled to after having a baby. Also see maternity Leave.

Synonyms: maternity leave

Africanization search for term

Policies of some newly independent African countries to increase the number of Africans in positions of power in the civil service, and elsewhere in their economies which had been dominated by European citizens of the colonial rulers and by settlers from British colonies in South Asia.

Agency Worker search for term

A person who works temporarily for an organisation or company, but who has a contract to work that is agreed with an employment agency, rather than being directly employed by the organisation.

Annual General Meetings (AGMs) search for term

A meeting which is held every year to allow the members or shareholders of an organisation to elect the board of directors and agree the annual accounts. Shareholders can review previous and future activities and ask the board questions.

Anti - Discrimination Legislation search for term

Laws that make it illegal to treat people differently on the basis of their race, sex, age, religion, disability or sexual orientation.

Asylum Seeker search for term

An asylum seeker is a person who has applied for legal recognition as a refugee in another country and is waiting for a decision on their application.

Average Earnings search for term

"Earnings" are an extension of "wages". Wages are generally contractual, paid in cash (money), and cover a specified ("normal") number of working hours per time period. Earnings consist of wages plus bonuses, commissions and payment for overtime (hours exceeding the normal number per time period).