Glossary beginning with D

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Demobilised search for term

The act of changing from a war to a peace time status, including, for example, the discharging of soldiers or people working in civil defence.

Diaspora search for term

People from a particular country or region living outside their original homeland.

Discrimination search for term

The prejudicial and/or distinguishing treatment of an individual based on their actual or perceived disability, race, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs or age. There is legislation in the UK which makes discrimination illegal.

Domestic Worker search for term

A person working in their employer’s home. For example, the work could include cleaning, childcare or caring for an elderly or disabled person. The employment is often informal and unregistered, so domestic workers are among the most vulnerable groups of workers.

Downsizing search for term

Reducing the size of a company by getting rid of workers within the company, leading to redundancy.