Glossary beginning with T

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Ten Pound Poms search for term

People who took part in a scheme after World War Two where they paid just £10 to move permanently to Australia. The rest was paid for by the Australian government, which was encouraging white people to move to Australia to support its economy. Children travelled for free. ‘Pom’ is Australian slang for English people.

Trade Unions search for term

Trade unions are organisations that were first set up by workers during the nineteenth century to campaign for better wages and conditions for their members. They are called trade unions as each group of workers, for example miners, railway workers etc., initially formed a 'union' or society for their own occupation or 'trade'. Today lots of trade unions in the UK have merged, resulting in fewer large unions, with members from a wider range of occupations. 

Trades Boards search for term

Committees that set the minimum wage that employers in a particular industry had to pay their workers. 

Transportation search for term

A system in the 18th and 19th centuries where Britain sent or ‘transported’ convicted criminals to a penal colony in Australia. These were often people who had committed the smallest of crimes –eg stealing a loaf of bread. 

Twice Migrants search for term

People who have migrated two times – once from their original home and secondly from the place they had then settled in.