Glossary beginning with U

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Unemployment Benefit search for term

Money the government pays to unemployed people. In Britain today it is known as Jobseekers' Allowance. 

Unfair Dismissal search for term

Dismissal or sacking from a job without the employer having a good reason, or without following the proper processes, according to the relevant legislation.

Union Density search for term

The percentage of workers who are members of trade unions.

Union Shop Steward search for term

A union member who represents and defends their colleagues within the union and with their employer.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights search for term

An agreement signed at the United Nations in 1948 by most of the world’s countries that set out the basic rights that all human beings should be granted, regardless of their race, sex or religion. It includes the right to life, freedom of thought and religion, and freedom from torture and persecution.