Striking Out

Woman with megaphone
'Striking Out' tells the story of two groups of South Asian women workers who came to Britain, following very different migration journeys. They took part in struggles for workers’ rights at Grunwick (1976-1978) and at Gate Gourmet (2005).

The Grunwick Dispute

Grunwick was a photo processing plant in Brent, North London. The dispute took place between 1976 and 1978. The events of this famous strike and the background of the women workers who took part in it are explored here.

The Intervening Years

During the 1980s and 1990s, changes in the law made it increasingly difficult for unions to take strike action. But many South Asian women workers in the UK continued to take part in industrial action in defence of their rights during this period.

The Gate Gourmet Dispute

The Gate Gourmet dispute started in 2005 in a factory that produced food for airlines in Southall, London. To understand the events of this dispute, we need to examine the backgrounds of the workers who took part in it.

The Legacy of Grunwick and Gate Gourmet

This section discusses how migrant South Asian women in the UK have contributed to the pursuit of dignity and equality for all women and all workers, through their workplace activism.